VyFi Community Airdrop

VyFi is the Cardano Native Token of Vy Finance. This Airdrop is to give people their first (or one of their first) Cardano Tokens! 

Backed by an already-profitable Investment Fund, and plans to integrate Neural Net Harvesting from the minds who brought us Propella.ai. We have a lot going for us.

Please check to see you have a supported wallet.

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Platform estimated release is AUGUST. Keep up with our socials to be updated!



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Cardano Native Tokens are a new thing! While all Shelley-era Cardano Wallets can accept tokens, not all have the functionality to then send them.

We recommend Yoroi or Daedalus wallet, as they are the two official wallets of Cardano, and also fully tested with pVyFi to send and receive pVyFi tokens.

(Please be aware there is NO Daedalus wallet for mobile! There are known phishing attempts of fake Daedalus wallets in the App/Play Store, keep in mind that Daedalus is PC ONLY.)









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Join The Airdrop

Make sure you have a supported wallet!

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The Airdrop is currently closed

Thank you for your participation!

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If you used a Nate, Naver, Protonmail, or QQ account, please email jack@vyfi.io if you do not receive your transaction within 8 hours.

ONE PER PERSON - This is especially important lately due to the early nature of Tokens on Cardano. As this is done manually - Please provide a Valid Email. In the case of a wrong address and invalid email - we cannot help you, and you lose your airdrop!

Protonmail will likely not be accepted, or have your airdrop delayed. Contact jack@vyfi.io for more.

By joining this Airdrop you agree that you are aware of the laws in your current state and t hat you can be a recipient of said airdrop. All taxation, laws, and other knowledge about airdrops are the responsibility of yourself. By providing a wallet address you agree that it is your duty to know the laws that govern you regarding airdrops.