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Vy Finance

Where Decentralized Finance Is Simple

VYFI is a new concept to decentralized finance, mixing a traditional hedge fund with the power of decentralization.

Also implementing a neural net in the crypto space to make everyone's DeFi needs as simple, accessible and automated as possible.

Some Firsts

 - First crypto backed via proprietary trading firm [International Markets]

 - First crypto to use Neural Net data collection for its liquidity pools

 - One of the first adaptors of DeFi on the Cardano Blockchain

 - One of the first bridges to ERC-20 and BSC chain from Cardano.

Other Features

High speed and low fee of Cardano - 

Cardano Liquidity Pool Auto-Harvester, powered by our Neural Net - 


International Markets Active Fund:


This is the current amount in our Investment Fund, hosted by International Markets. Users will be able to stake to this fund as a method of sharing in our Fund token, xVyFi.


  • Learn more about International Markets

  • Learn about Auto Harvesting


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Try our ecosystem of DeFi services at your fingertips, all options comes with simple instructions and tutorials, on how you can get involved with each platform, make your money work for you and get started today! 

Yield Farming

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Let others borrow your money as a loan, and earn interest for doing so.

Use Your Crypto

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Use your cryptocurrency as mining power and see how much your rewards can grow.

Auto-Invest Fund

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Deposit with cryptocurrency into the Interational Markets hedge fund and watch your money working for you.  

Pay Fiat - Cash

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(Feature Coming Soon)

Users can participate in the hedge fund without having any crypto.

Be Your Own Bank

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(Feature Coming Soon)

Release during stage 3 development.

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VyFi plans to make DeFi so easy that you can manage it on your phone. From trading, staking, borrowing, lending, to the entirety of the Vecosystem, the VYFI app is an easy-to-use gateway to Cryptocurrency.

The Vecosystem is the easiest way to help your assets work for you. This is where we will provide additional services such as:
Liquidity providing to National Markets Hedge Fund, NFT marketplace support, Cardano ecosystem support, micro-casino, and more…